What’s up next: new releases to look out for in 2021

Sure, 2020 was a hot mess inside of a dumpster fire, but you know what it did bring us? So very much new Memphis music. From the earliest days of the quarantimes, our artists were positively prolific – and they’re showing no signs of stopping. We’re hyped for all the new music to come in 2021, but here is a sampling of the artists whose upcoming releases have us counting down the days. Did we miss a record that is going to blow our minds this year? We want to know! Holler at us over on Insta and tag the Memphis artists soundtracking your world.

KadyRoxz – Healing is Messy mixtape

Ugh, it IS messy, right? Kady served us self-love and honesty all of 2020 and she’s doubling down and expanding her sound in 2021.

Release Date: January 22


Lucero – When You Found Me

Thankful that this album is dropping at the end of dry January so we can pair it with a whiskey drink the way it was meant to be heard.

Release Date: January 29


John Paul Keith – Rhythm of the City

The only bad thing we can say about this record is that this new horn sound is making us miss seeing John Paul Keith live so much it hurts. (But like, we’re definitely playing it on repeat anyway.)

Release Date: February 19


Julien Baker – Little Oblivions

If there is anyone who can soundtrack our continued quarantine, it’s Julien Baker.

Release Date: February 26


Studio 88

If 2020 is any indication, we need to hold on to our seats because the Studio 88 fam is going to take us on a ride in 2021. Keep it locked right here so you don’t miss a thing:


City Champs – Luna 68

Wait, what? The City Champs are back? 2021 is going to be our year, after all.

Release Date: March 19

Jeremy Stanfill – Untitled

No name yet for this album, which’ll be out on Blue Barrel Records – and no release date, either, but we hear it’ll be late spring or summer when we FINALLY get new Jeremy Stanfill in our lives. Because, y’all. We need more of this.


Unapologetic – UAF Radio

Y’all are on this UNDERGROUNDAF tip, right? If you didn’t already have the Unapologetic World app on your home screen you need to revise your New Year’s resolutions.

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