WAMM Recommends: Week of July 18

Your weekly round-up of shows we think you can’t afford to miss.

Klypi / Buddy Crime / Zen Hander

7 PM Wednesday July 20 at Bar DKDC


While it’s no secret that Memphis is one of the nation’s premiere live music towns, the sad fact remains that when it comes to dancing, we often look more like the fictitious town of Bomont from the film “Footloose.” This Wednesday, Bar DKDC is doing their part to remedy this problem with a night filled with dance music in a variety of indecipherable genres such as “L.A. exercise pop” courtesy of Klypi, “Louisville dancefloor rock” from Buddy Crime, and “San Antonio Industrial EBM” via Zen Hander. Sure, we’re not exactly sure what the hell that all means, but we’re excited nonetheless. So whether you’re a fan of the dance-pop stylings of Kylie Minogue, the new wave vibes of Adam and the Ants, or the electronic sounds of Front 242, Bar DKDC will have the goods to get you on the floor and showcasing your footwork.

PJ Morton Watch The Sun Tour

8 PM Wednesday July 20 at Cannon Center for the Performing Arts


PJ Morton is originally from New Orleans, but he is an unofficial Memphian. We love him. We will stand in the rain for him— luckily this time we don’t have to. PJ’s Watch The Sun Tour is coming to downtown Memphis at The Cannon Center for the Performing Arts this Wednesday, and it is sure to be a packed show. The Maroon 5 keyboardist has 3 Grammys and 10 Grammy nominations, his music is timeless inspiration, his 9 piece band is always tight, his show is always uplifting. This is a feel-good concert you do not want to miss. We all really need more PJ in our lives.


8 PM, Thursday July 21 at Railgarten
Under $10

It’s not deja vu, we promise. We’ve indeed written about Jombi several times here at WAMM Live, and for very good reason, as they’re one of the most exciting and envelope-pushing new bands to emerge from the local scene in recent years. As with all great bands, their music isn’t the easiest to pin down in words, but suffice to say that Jombi channel a singular inter-mingling of cosmic jam-band exploration and indie heart-on-sleeve emotion, neither sacrificing progressive improvisation for the latter nor stirring universal joy for the former. What’s more, Jombi’s tailor-made for outdoor vibe-heavy settings like Railgarten, so plan to see for yourself why you keep reading their name here and elsewhere, because this is likely just the beginning.

Civil Cypher w/ future losers
7 PM Friday July 22 at Black Lodge

The official Facebook page for Memphis outfit Civil Cypher claims that they’re a ‘rock, indie, metal band with a broad spectrum of influences’, and that’s a certified case of truth in advertising. There’s a hint of the ascendant high-wire spectacle of Coheed & Cambria to their old-school churn, but also wounded sensitivity to the vocals that speaks of softer musical touchstones. This should make for an intriguing pairing with fellow Memphians Future Losers, who bring raw-throated rage to their own brand of throwback heavy-indie, with just a touch of good old 90s post-hardcore thrown in for good measure. If those broad spectrums of influences sound right up your sonic alley, then Black Lodge is where you wanna be this Thursday.


Lukah Short Film Premiere/Listening Party

8 PM Friday July 22 at Black Lodge

No Cover

Over the past couple of years, few Memphis artists have achieved the national acclaim or underground cred achieved by South Memphis rapper Lukah, whose previous two albums “Why Look Up, God’s In The Mirror” and “When The Black Hand Touches You” have received glowing reviews from the likes of Pitchfork, NPR, and Spin. With a gritty throwback sound reminiscent of Mobb Deep and Tupac, Lukah is single handedly redefining what it means to be a Memphis rapper and is poised to be the city’s next breakout star. On Friday, the prolific artist will be premiering two new projects to the hungry public: a viewing of the short film “Why Look Up, God’s In The Mirror” and a listening party for his yet-to-be-released new album “Raw Extractions.” While we’re still unsure if Lukah will be performing live during the event, anticipation for both projects is sky high and you shouldn’t pass up on the opportunity to have a front row seat to their unveiling.

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