WAMM Recommends: Week of December 6

From the We Are Memphis Music team, here’s a mix of live music picks we think you can’t afford to miss out on this week.

Dire Hatred, Process Of Suffocation

7 p.m., Friday December 10, The Hi-Tone (small room downstairs)



It seems like we were carving our Halloween pumpkins and debating the merits of candy corn just yesterday, but there’s no reason that the spooky trace memories of that most unholy of calendar nights shouldn’t be conjured as the tinsel begins to fly. The new Hi-Tone is building a reputation as a treasured and reliable outpost for skull-shattering metal nights as of late, and Friday’s selections more than honor such a sterling pedigree. Headlining are Tri-Cities mountain demons Dire Hatred, who dish out a sort of blood-drenched charcuterie board of genre touchstones, from blackened death metal to all-out thrash. Meanwhile a stellar local opener, Process Of Suffocation, are on hand to spook up the aura, invoking a dread-soaked, cosmically horrific blackened death ritual. Whether you celebrate Christmas in the most brutal of ways, or fully despise the holiday and any reminder of it, The Hi-Tone’s here for you, a dark beacon in a Santa-fied mid-December wilderness.




Robby Grant Xmas Show

9 p.m., Saturday December 11, Bar DKDC

$10 at the door

Before becoming the Executive Director of local station WYXR, Robby Grant was known as one of Memphis’ most ubiquitous and versatile musicians, but the frequency of his live performances have understandably diminished over the past year. On Saturday, he is back on stage to pay homage to his biggest musical muse: Christmas. For the past several years, Grant has been releasing zany lo-fi originals such as “Awake on Christmas Break,” “Lazy Christmas,” and “Fly on Christmas Dragon,” songs which we’ve come to anticipate each season like, well, a child on Christmas morning. Whether you’re a fan of holiday music or not, Robby Grant’s take on the genre is both funny and surprisingly heartfelt.

God Rest Ye Merry Theremin

6:30 p.m., Saturday December 11, Memphis Listening Lab

No cover

To put it succinctly, the theremin just might be the coolest damn instrument on earth. Sure, it produces a sound that is downright unearthly and is played without any physical contact, but did you know it was the product of the Soviet government?! We could go on and on about the beloved and bizarre instrument, but instead we’ll point you to “God Rest Ye Merry Theremin,” a holiday concert at the Memphis Listening Lab featuring thereminist Kate Taylor and keyboardist Alex Greene. You’re probably aware that theremin concerts aren’t necessarily prevalent, so make a point to see this magnificent instrument in person while you can.

Yashira, Ritual Fog, Korroded
7 P.M., Sunday December 12, Growler’s


Not to be outdone by their Crosstown rivals at the Hi-Tone, Growler’s is another fine Memphis venue reliably dedicating themselves to the pursuit of all things brutal and dark, and Sunday’s triple-headed Hydra of crushing riffs and eerie churn is no exception. Jacksonville’s Yashira are a veritable typhoon of towering technical ecstasy and unstoppable beats, owing allegiances to genres as varied as post-metal, new prog, sludge, and good ol’ death metal. The Memphians of Ritual Fog know a thing or ten about death-metal themselves, and the mysterious Korroded turn up here once again, too, their shadowy, pummeling death-noise as fascinating as their obfuscated presence (perhaps even more so). Between Hi-Tone and Growler’s, the local and touring metal scene is well-met in Memphis, so why not make them feel at home by turning out in force to get evil with them?

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