WAMM Recommends: Week of December 13

From the We Are Memphis Music team, here’s a mix of live music picks we think you can’t afford to miss out on this week.


Church Girls, Mystic Light Casino, Kacee Russell

7 P.M., Wednesday December 15, The Hi-Tone (Small Room Downstairs)



Smack dab in the middle of December is an epic midweek triple-header at Hi-Tone that you’re gonna wanna check out, weeknight be damned. Barnstorming Philly quartet Church Girls marry soaring post-hardcore melodic runs with the kinetic throb of classic post-punk, soaked with heart-shattering guitar arpeggios and triumphant chants. Local favorites Mystic Light Casino know a thing or two about post-punk themselves, dragging their own take on genre hallmarks through a deliciously glammed-out gutter of scuzz-psych and fuzz-skronk. Topping off the works is the sky-scraping dream-folk of one Kacee Russell, a Memphian with a thrillingly rich voice and some starstruck, sun-spiraling guitars to boot. Sound good enough for y’all? Why don’t you have it marked down in your calendar already?



The (blank) Dicks present “Come, Christmas! Cumback!”

7:30 p.m., Friday, December 17, the Green Room at Crosstown Arts



Formerly known as the Dixie Dicks, the (blank) Dicks are the world’s finest and filthiest queer novelty country band. This Friday, they’ll be returning to Memphis for a special holiday show at The Green Room that promises to leave you either clutching your pearls or wiping away the tears from laughter. In case it isn’t clear by this point, the (blank) Dicks are certainly not for everyone, but if you enjoy irreverent humor set to catchy tunes, then this is the show for you.


Turnstyles: Christmas In Name Only

9 P.M., Saturday December 18, B-SIDE Memphis


It’s no secret – Christmas is almost as widely-despised as it is widely-adored. Luckily for all you humbugs lurking around the Mid-South, B-SIDE offers a welcome respite from all that repulsive holiday cheer on Saturday evening, as Graham Winchester and Seth Moody’s Turnstyles take control of proceedings once more for what they’re calling Christmas In Name Only, their psych-bleached surf-garage a most apropos soundtrack to a full night’s retreat from egg nog and mistletoe, from bad Christmas carol covers and worse sweaters. Word is that stiff punishments will be doled out for those who dare breach this rigid code of anti-Christmas etiquette, so don’t say we didn’t warn you. Show up, bliss out, and pretend it’s literally any other day of the year – just keep the sugar cookies at home.



The Barnes Family Holiday Show

7:30 p.m., Saturday, December 18, Crosstown Theater



I must admit, I was a bit reluctant to suggest two holiday shows, each of which are happening this weekend at the Crosstown Concourse. But while it may seem a bit redundant on its face, the truth of the matter is these shows couldn’t be more different. After the debauchery of Friday night, you might just need the spiritually cleansing sound of the Barnes Family, a supremely talented collection of siblings who are responsible for some of the finest sanctified soul to spring out of Memphis over the past few years. For the first time in five years, the family will all be performing together in this holiday season’s cant-miss concert.

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