WAMM Recommends: Week of August 8

Louise Page, Madaline Collins, & Alexis Taylor

6 PM Thursday August 11 at South Main Sounds


South Main Sounds boasts itself as a songwriter venue, a place where you can truly get to the meat of the storytelling part of performing a good song. This week the venue hosts three sirens of songwriting, Memphis’ Louise Page with contemporaries’ Madaline Collins, and Alexis Taylor. Page and Collins both subscribe to their own brand of pop piano and vocal performance, while Canadian by way of Nashville artist Taylor, holds a more traditional flare for Americana. Taylor has some brand new music just released this summer, and we are staying tuned to see what the next move for Page & Collins will be– maybe they will give us a hint this week at their performance. 

Susan Marshall & Friends

6 PM Friday August 12 at Bar DKDC


Dinner and music with one of the classiest, most capable vocalists around? Yes, please! Memphis artist Susan Marshall has been putting out solo records for twenty years, and has toured as a vocalist with A list entertainers like Lenny Kravitz, and Lucinda Williams. Marshall’s smoky, silky vocals possess the power to fill a room with the energy of silence, or raucous movement. I Imagine the soundtrack to stories about Memphis in August would have to include at least a few of Marshall’s songs. Like the city itself,Marshall’s style is complex, tough, and at times romantic— but completely incomparable to another.Catch her early this Friday, performing the last show of her monthly summer residency at Bar DKDC. Doors are at 6, show at 7:30.

A Tribute to Ween

8 PM Friday August 12 at Growler’s



One of my most vivid concert experiences occurred in 2006 at Austin City Limits, the first time I was exposed to the indescribable fandom surrounding the bizarre indie duo Ween. While I was familiar with the group’s music to an extent, I was not prepared for the fanatical devotion that the band garnered, although their performance left me a little closer to understanding. Known for their mastery of virtually every musical genre under the sun, the duo undercuts their own virtuosity with a dedication to silliness. On Friday, fans and newcomers alike can get a taste of the group’s charm when Memphis’ Pure Guava (named after Ween’s third album) will perform a career-spanning tribute to the lovable weirdos. While it probably won’t top the real thing, we’re looking forward to a local twist on alternative rock’s oddest twosome.

Sweat Fest

2 PM Saturday August 13 at Shangri-La Records



After two years of cancellations, Shangri-La’s annual Sweat Fest will be making its triumphant return this Saturday, and unlike many music festivals it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to attend. The aptly-named fest is a free family-friendly outdoor event featuring both huge sales on vinyl, CDs, and more, and an impressive slate of live music. A festival that actually saves you money? Unheard of! Per tradition, the hard-rocking Sheiks will be headlining this year’s festival, but don’t sleep on performances from the Subteens, Little Baby Tendencies, Jas Roa, and the Guiding Light as well. It probably goes without saying, but be sure to bring water, shades, sunscreen, and whatever else you need to beat the heat, because Sweat Fest certainly earned its name.

And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead w/ New Candys

8:30 PM Saturday August 13 at The Hi-Tone (Big Room – Upstairs)



Austin legends And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead have always seemed a little larger-than-life, like some long-lost 70s prog idyll of a band rather than one that has rarely paused for breath in nearly thirty years together. With critical acclaim and a rabid following matched at all turns by a penchant for notorious antics both on-stage and off, they don’t make ‘em like this band anymore, but they soldier on regardless, deadly serious and resisting all attempts to paint them into a satirical hipster corner. If that alone isn’t reason enough to check them out in an intimate space like The Hi-Tone, then their openers, the Venetian throwback fuzz-poppers of New Candys, ought to seal the deal. 


Sunset Jazz At Court Square feat. Frog Squad

6 PM Sunday August 14 at Court Square Park



Any time I write once more about the inimitable Memphis exploratory cosmic jazz combo Frog Squad, I want to tack on a disclaimer indicating that yes, I know, I write about them very often. But once more I’ll add that there’s a very good reason for this – their restless improvisatory energy and willingness to follow wormholes that few band in any genre even know exist is only making them a more thrilling, more singular outfit as time goes on. What’s more, the Sunset Jazz At Court Square series by Just Jazzin’ presents a perfect opportunity to see David Collins and pals do what they do best for free, in a lovely outdoor setting, and with food trucks close at hand. I’ve said enough, go hear them for yourself!



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