WAMM Recommends: Week of August 15

Dalevis – ’68 Comeback Special
8 PM, Tuesday, August 16 at Hernando’s Hide-A-Way


45 years after his untimely death, Elvis Presley still remains one of popular music’s most divisive figures. To some, he remains one of the most innovative and influential figures in the history of music, a true renegade who single-handedly brought about a cultural revolution that still resonates to this day. Others are a bit less forgiving, viewing him instead as the world’s greatest cultural appropriator who earned his immense fame and money by simply emulating the music of more deserving Black artists. As with most things, the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. Despite this messy legacy, one thing is undeniable: the man could put on a helluva performance. To cap off Elvis week, Americana artist Dale Watson will be paying homage to the King’s iconic ‘68 Comeback with a special performance at Hernando’s Hide-A-Way on the same stage that Presley himself once graced decades ago. Watson, who released an album under the Dalevis moniker years ago, is well-suited for the task and understands why Elvis’ reputation as a singular live performer persists to this day. So no matter which side of the cultural divide you find yourself on, this one promises to be an exhilarating ride.

Cowboy Mouth

8 PM, Thursday, August 18 at Railgarten



As culturally-rich southern American cities go, Memphis and New Orleans have always coexisted in an  implied symbiosis, sharing a good handful of traits and tropes without sacrificing what makes each of them a singular place. In this fashion, long-running NOLA mainstays Cowboy Mouth make a certain sense against a Memphis backdrop, their messy roots-rock informed by scrappy back-alley punk and cosplay blues in equal measure. Its what’s made these veterans a kitschy live staple, and catching them at a free-wheeling outdoor venue like Railgarten? Well, of course that makes sense, too. 


Catholic School, MovieNight, The Whip Appeal

9 PM, Saturday, August 20 at The Hi Tone (Small Room – Downstairs)



A Saturday night three-band bill at The Hi Tone always offers a fine opportunity to scope out talents both local and in from the road, and this weekend’s offering is no exception. The heart-wrenching Memphian ensemble Catholic School continue to make waves with their churning, synth-washed take on post-punk, while fellow hometown favorites MovieNight temper their own dreamy sensibilities with the melodic urgency of pop-punk. The dark horse here is a touring act, The Whip Appeal, courtesy of New Orleans and touted as ‘The Velvet Underground meets Townes Van Zandt’. That’s quite the elevator pitch, but you’ve no excuse not to head down to The Hi Tone on Saturday and hear for yourself.

Lalah Hathaway

8 PM Saturday August 20 at The Cannon Center

Lalah Hathaway has been singing her whole life, in part alongside her legendary father Donny Hathaway. The soul and R&B artist has nine full length albums spanning over three plus decades, and a brand new single titled, Canvas. Hathaway’s style represents a golden age of r&b that is hard to come by these days, chill vibes, smooth ballads, and always a little sexiness. In addition, she plays deep into Memphis music traditions, and from what we hear, she’s a big fan of Memphis too! Get there early to see The Stax Music Academy’s Alumni section and alumni band pump the crowd before Hathaway takes the stage.

Duke Deuce
7 PM Sunday, August 21 at Growlers

“Crunk Ain’t Dead” is not only the name of Memphis rapper Duke Deuce’s breakout single, it also serves as his personal mantra. Since emerging in 2019, the energetic rapper has been on a one-man-mission to keep the spirit of the 2000s alive, channeling the energetic and violent spirit of crunk music pioneers such as Three 6 Mafia, Project Pat, and Lil Jon.  Although the Memphis-born subgenre of crunk has lost a bit of its luster in recent years, Duke Deuce’s success proves that a new generation is embracing their chance to tear the club up. In the past few months, the rapper has rocked the hometown crowd at both the Beale Street Music Fest and at Tone’s Juneteenth celebration, but his upcoming show at Growlers promises to be the rowdiest yet.


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