The Latest | December 6

The way we have not stopped thinking about the Three Six Verzuz victory makes it hard to believe that it all went down four days ago. (On the same night as a truly historic victory by our Memphis Grizzlies, no less.) The internet can’t stop thinking about it either, and just in case you missed it we’ve rounded up some of our favorite coverage – plus a few other Memphis hip-hop mentions from around the music-media-verse this week.

“It is at this point I realized Bone Thugs doesn’t stand a chance”

If you’re like, hold up what happened on Thursday and who can help me process this? Vulture has a good recap of the events of the night. If you’re ready to go deeper, we love this song-by-song breakdown by Jade Gomez over at Paste. Everyone – including Jade – agrees that Three Six was the unequivocal winner of the night, so help us understand why we still got mad when she picked Bone Thugs in the round-by-round? IT WAS A SWEEP.

And yeah, by now – if you didn’t tune in – you’ve realized there was, uh, more to this battle than just the music. DJ Paul gave his side of the story to Hip Hop DX.

Cop that three-day pass

We’re not done with Three Six news just yet – thanks to some observant folks who noticed a little something on the group’s tour page that hadn’t yet been announced, the cat is out of the bag that Beale Street Music Festival will be part of Three Six’s reunion tour in 2022.

Getting our flowers

Memphis hip-hop also found its way onto best-of lists from two of music’s most revered outlets this week. Pooh Shiesty landed on Rolling Stone’s best albums of 2021

And bringing it full circle, Project Pat got some love from NPR Music for his feature on Drake’s “Knife Talk,” which made it onto their 100 Best Songs of 2021 list –

“Through heavy sampling of his older material, Memphis rap legend Project Pat’s career caught a second wind. As a result of his influential sound resurging, Project Pat freely and advantageously collaborates with contemporary artists, and ‘Knife Talk’ is a prime example of his impact. Project Pat opens the song with an instantly recognizable delivery that 21 Savage adopts in his following verse. It’s a genuine hat-tip from one generation to another, and hip-hop mainstay Drake is the swaggering glue that holds it all together as he reminds us throughout the song about his riches, woes, successes and tribulations. —Kiana Fitzgerald”


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