July 4th is quickly approaching us This Saturday!! This year’s event will look quite different than past years, as the fight against COVID-19 continues to shape the way we interact and celebrate with one another.  Certainly, this year’s celebration will be different, as Memphis continues to keep the health and safety of our community at the forefront of importance. Unfortunately, this means having to put the yearly firework display and city-wide public celebration on the back burner this year, as we move forward in our contribution to flattening the curve. 

Many of you are asking yourselves, what is the best way to celebrate America while staying socially responsible and keeping my family safe?  Don’t worry, there is more than one way to enjoy the holiday! The good news is that we are here for you with some explosive(!) ways to celebrate the birth of our country with family and friends while staying safe, and still having an amazing time! Here are few suggestions and activities that are available to everyone, while remaining healthy and safe! Happy Independence Day!

The Good Old American Backyard BBQ!

Sure, America may not have INVENTED BBQ, but here in the home of brave, we have innovated, evolved, and perfected it! This year’s version of the Great American Backyard BBQ may be a little different, but still as exciting! Invite your family and close friends who have been sheltering in place and staying safe to your back yard and throws some of some delicious options on the grill and get down to business! Stay safe by keeping to social distance guidelines, set up a few sanitation stations where guests can use hand sanitizer regularly during the event. Also, pick up a few masks and offering them to anyone who may not have one. This will keep everyone safe, while still being together! 

Decorate Masks and share them with the community!

The Fourth of July celebrates a time when Americans came together to form a lasting community by giving and supporting one another in a time of drastic change that forged the future of the American Landscape. In 2020 our great community has come together to protect one another and redefine the American Experience as it has in the past. In the spirit of service and community, we suggest bringing your family together and decorating plain masks with the stars and stripes that depict our great nation. After the arts and crafts are completed, set up a small display and hold a “Masks for America” celebration! Give these red white and blue beauties to your family and friends, celebrating the spirit of banding together for a better future!

Also, if you need help getting a mask for you or your family, please checkout MaskUpMemphis!

Celebrate America by Expanding Education!

Take this unique opportunity to Netflix and chill on Independence Day by adding a few of America’s greatest stories to your queue. Currently, many streaming services have entire sections of Historical Documentaries where you can find deeply interesting and relevant stories of the true heroes of our country, ordinary Americans that do extraordinary things. Netflix also has a curated selection of Black Lives Matter content that we highly recommend. Continue the celebration of the community by enjoying some of our favorite BBQ – and consider donating a meal while you’re at it for a local healthcare worker!

Enjoy Downtown Memphis’ Quintessential Summer Celebration

This year, the city of Memphis has come together to offer the socially responsible, five-day “Quintessential Summer Celebrationto celebrate Independence Day in lieu of the Grand Fireworks display.  Described as “Five days of fun in downtown Memphis and charming neighborhood events,” this 5-day celebration in the City of Memphis includes a range of socially responsible options as discounted guided paddleboarding trips down the Mississippi River, and organized events for the kids at featured parks around the City! For more information, visit the website here.

Happy Independence Day Everyone!

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