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Crosstown Arts is having a huge impact on the Memphis artscape. Today, the integrated venues provide spaces for exhibition, music performances, film, and video screenings, and workshops and programs for visiting artists—and the current program for Memphis artists is set to be expanded into a full-scale, residency program. This program will host 16 visiting and Memphis-based residents for extended stays at the Concourse, with the goal of promoting creative exchange among Memphis artists and the larger art world.

The Concourse will also be the site for a new art-making facility that will provide continued public access to a communal woodshop, digital lab, print shop, and recording studio. In addition, the newly built Performing Arts Theater will soon host live performances, film screenings and a community theater program.

“Give A Damn” about Crosstown Arts

Presented by the Stax Museum of American Soul Music and hosted at Crosstown Arts through December, the “Give A Damn” exhibition includes an array of previously unviewed artifacts, including rare photos, documents, short films and music. But you don’t have to be a music fan to have a reason to drop by! Crosstown Arts invites individual artists, curators, scholars, community leaders and arts groups from across the country to participate in exhibitions, projects and programs, so you’re bound to experience something new during your visit.

Beyond simply attending Crosstown Arts exhibits and events, here are some other ways to immerse yourself in the Memphis creative scene:

  • See monthly art shows featuring local and visiting artists
  • Attend opening-night events, gallery talks and monthly discussion groups
  • Check out a concert, art show, performance, screening, lecture or another arts-related event

Volunteering with Crosstown Arts

If you’re looking to get even more involved, why not consider volunteering with Crosstown Arts? As a volunteer, you’ll help the team enrich and extend the creative community in Memphis by assisting at galleries, leading craft activities and games, and performing numerous other valuable functions to make Crosstown Arts a continuing success.

Find out more info about our city, check out the City of Memphis’s website.

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