We’re throwing a Mother’s Day Party, and guess what, everyone and their mamma is invited!

Not even COVID can change the shared love and admiration we have for the maternal figures in our lives. To show them our appreciation this year, amid the worldwide outbreak, here are the five most heartfelt ways to virtually show your one and only mother how much she means to you. 

Treat Mom to a Delicious Memphis Meal 

The fastest way to anyone’s heart is through their belly. Transport mom out of the coronavirus doldrums with the help of a favorite local restaurant. Many are still open through the crisis and are preparing special mother’s day menus. Just pick out the dish she’d enjoy most from this list of local spots

Raise Your Glass with Mom-Osas

Toast the matron of the hour with Mom-osas. Gather your family near and far for the virtual celebration. All you need is your favorite teleconferencing app, champagne, orange juice, fresh fruit, and festive glasses. Give everyone a break from the news cycle and focus on what we’re grateful for – family, brunch, and appropriate amounts of alcohol for breakfast.

Watch a Movie Together

More than anything, most moms just want the gift of their loved ones’ time. Maybe you can’t physically be there, but that doesn’t mean you can’t mentally and emotionally be present and in the moment. So why not watch a movie together? Netflix Party is a great way to spend real-time quality time while chatting about favorite scenes and characters. In the mood to binge-watch some tv instead? Here’s a list of 35 TV Shows every mother and child can enjoy together.

Bake Her Something Delicious

Home baking is on the rise due to the fact that many of us have more time on our hands. Give back to mom by making her something delicious and homemade! And a bonus to the baker: a study by The Journal of Positive Psychology shows that everyday creative activities like baking promote overall well-being by cultivating positive psychological functioning. If you need some ideas, check out the Fork Over Knives list of the top 20 baked recipes that are healthy and comforting.

Don’t Forget Grandma

Remember that whatever you did for mom, you have to do times two for granny. Who would spoil you all year long if you didn’t have her to spoil on this one special day? During this time, the rock of your family is probably the most affected by self-isolation. So pull out those old polaroids—and maybe some kleenex—and prepare to get nostalgic with the person who taught you—and your mother—everything you know. To get in the mood, create virtual Memory Jars with the rest of the family. It’s a simple and effective way to stroll down memory lane with loved ones, and you can bring it to grandma when you finally get to visit in person again. 

Now more than ever we need to reach out and connect with the special people in our lives. Mother’s Day 2020 provides the perfect opportunity to be creative in your expression of love and gratitude while still maintaining social distancing measures. Cheers to each and every mother – and every amazing adult that stepped in to guide you on your life journey. You are remarkable and unforgettable. Happy Mother’s Day!

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