Father’s Day 2020: Celebrating Dad, separately but together!

2020 was always destined to be an important year. As history is being written during a time of great change and evolution, there is truly no better time to take a moment and celebrate those who have walked with you on your journey. He always gave sound advice, a shoulder cry on, and a quick joke to hopefully raise your spirits. Dad, the complicated and dedicated man who even today is as reliable as the old dog next to him and the easy chair that has grown indented with time and relaxation.  And for all of those memories and moments shared, we must celebrate the person that helped us become us! 

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and during this time of necessary social distancing, some of more traditional ideas for celebrating dear old dad may need a bit of a redesign to adjust for these trying times. A historic year calls for a historic celebration, and thankfully living in the future means being able to connect at the touch of a button, no matter where we happen to physically be. 

Separately celebrating dad together is the goal, and we are here to help! Here are five suggestions to help celebrate dad, during the Pandemic! 

Send Dad a Bottle of some real Memphis Rye!

If your Dad is anything like mine, he loves his whiskey. What better way to help bring out the stories and the laughs, than sharing a locally distilled small batch whiskey from one of Memphis’s legendary Whiskey Distilleries! Many of these local distilleries offer online ordering and delivery! Buy two bottles, one for both sides of the Zoom Call, crack them open and share a virtual toast to dad! 

Insider Tip: Our team LOVES Old Dominick – check out their online shop!

Make a Video Father’s Day Card… from the entire Family!

You do not have to be a famous Hollywood director to make your own movie! In fact, all you must do is make a few calls to a few family members! In 2020, everyone has a video camera on their phone, and so, keeping socially distant does not mean Dad will not be able to receive the well wishes of family and friends! Ask that everyone record a short message for Dad and edit together yourself a small film! With a little time, this will be a memory that Dad will be able to enjoy repeatedly.  

Hold a Socially Responsible Hero’s Parade for Dad!

Being socially distant does not necessarily mean that you must be completely apart! This is a great way to get the kids involved and make a memory for dad that he will always cherish. Have everyone who is participating in the parade make a sign for Dad, and as a group drive separately as a caravan in front of Dads home! At the appointed right time, turn up the speakers, and play dads Favorite songs! As each family member drives slowly by, holding their sign, and hugging from a distance, Dad will never forget the day he received his Hero’s Parade.

Treat Dad to Dinner, with Delivery!

Taking Dad to dinner is one of the most revered traditions of Father’s Day. You want to know what? You cannot mess with Tradition. In 2020, we can work this out. Thankfully, we live in Memphis, and are literally surrounded by amazing food from amazing restaurants big and small! Order up Dad’s favorite meal, and have it sent his way as a surprise! Keep the ruse up by Scheduling a video call right before the food is to be delivered! Try to have your meal delivered at the same time, so that you can literally celebrate Father’s Day the old fashion, new fashion way! As a bonus, we have compiled a list of amazing dining delivery options for you! Follow this link, and begin salivating! 

Surprise Him with a “Family Reunion” on Video Chat!

This one will take a bit of planning and finesse, but ultimately, will be one of the best memories Dad can have during an already memorable time. Invite family members of all stripes and distances to join you as you celebrate All of the Fathers in the Family! Set up a Video Chat and keep adding more family members to the call! As this call grows, family members will connect with one another, and BOOM! a Family Reunion has broken out over Video Chat! Happy Father’s Day! 

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