Memphis is a leader in helping individuals craft their own small businesses. If someone has an idea for a company, the city wants to do its part to help incubate the idea and help it grow. In this way, Memphis is helping a number of demographics that are often under-represented in the commercial world. This includes not only minorities but also women. In fact, according to The Commercial Appeal, the city of Memphis leads the way in the number of female-owned businesses and business growth.

Here are just a few of the ways that women are thriving in Memphis and the Memphis business sector.

Women’s Business Council

Women who have never gone through business school but have an idea for their own company may not know where to turn for financial assistance, grants, and other assistance. This is where the Women’s Business Council comes in.

Several local female executives have established the council in order to assist with these issues and many others. Some of the biggest names in local and regional businesses are part of the council, offering their advice and expertise in the difficult world of owning a business. Some of the many women include Amy Daniels, the Senior Vice President of Investor Relations, Nisha Powers, the President of Powers Hill Design, and Paige Walkup, the Managing Director of Caissa Public Strategy.

Connecting businesses with the right employees

A business is only as good as its employees. That is why finding the right individuals for the right companies is important. It can be all the difference between a successful organization and one that struggles. This is why Dotty Summerfield Giusti is such an important individual in Memphis. Dotty Summerfield Giusti runs Summerfield Associates, Inc. which is a consulting and recruiting solutions firm. Located right in the heart of Memphis, it is Dotty Summerfield Giusti and the rest of the company’s goal to make sure those who are looking for work can find it and those looking for employees can as well.

High tech surveillance

When it comes to protecting a business, it is important to have the latest in audio and video surveillance. Criminals who might want to break in to steal money, information, trade secrets, and everything else in between are becoming smarter and smarter, which means the technology designed to help protect a business needs to become better and better as well. This is where SkyCop: Audio and Video Surveillance comes in. Charlotte Nuckles, the CEO of SkyCorp, Inc is based in Memphis. While she originally had her start in healthcare, she moved her focus to surveillance technology in order to provide improved protection for individuals and businesses throughout greater Memphis.

Women are leading the way

Women continue to thrive and lead the way in Memphis. These are just some of the women in Memphis who are excelling throughout the community while helping others do the same.

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