Downtown Memphis has a lot going for it. Here in the heart of the city, you’ll find the Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum, Gibson Guitars, the iconic A. Schwab Dry Goods and the historic Peabody Hotel—not to mention the Beale Street Entertainment District, which is home to enough bars, nightclubs and music venues to keep you busy for a lifetime.

The one thing downtown Memphis is lacking is a grocery store, but that may be about to change, as the Memphis Business Journal recently reported that the wheels are in motion to build a grocery store downtown by the end of 2018.

Downtown hopes for new grocery store

Residents of downtown Memphis have been dreaming of a convenient grocery-shopping option for ages, and that dream might just come true in the form of a 25,000-square-foot building owned by Archer Custom Builders and located just a block off South Main St.

Company owner Tom Archer has been working and investing in the South Main neighborhood for decades, and he shares the widespread opinion that a local grocery store is just what the downtown area needs.

“I’m on a mission to get a grocery store down here,” Archer told the Memphis Business Journal. “If you need something, that’s where you’ll go.”

Plans in motion

Archer has been reaching out to grocery companies to land a tenant for the property, which is located at 136 Webster Ave. If none of the big chains take the bait, he told the Journal that he’s more than willing to take charge and open a grocery store himself, with a plan to “start small and build to the need.”

And considering the recent developments in downtown Memphis, the need for a local grocery store certainly exists—to say nothing of the growing number of families calling the South Main neighborhood home. Archer plans to finish developing the Webster Ave. building by the end of 2018, a feat that would no doubt please many locals and boost Memphis’ already-growing downtown.

Memphis trolley runs throughout town

Big things downtown

The announcement of a potential future grocery store in the heart of Memphis comes amid a flurry of recent activity in the revitalized downtown area. The Memphis Trolley recently made its much-lauded return to service after a four-year absence, and plans for a four-star hotel and luxury apartment building at One Beale are back on track.

Memphis is often celebrated for its past, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that the city’s future is shaping up to be just as exciting. Be sure to check back for more updates on downtown Memphis!

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