Memphis culture: big city amenities with a small-town feel

Memphis is an exceptional place to live, in large part thanks to its unparalleled city culture. Steeped in a rich history and fueled by promise of the future, Memphis is bursting at the seems with things that help residents strike a balance between jobs and everyday life. The Bluff City has all the cultural amenities of a bustling metropolis, but with a small town feel that makes it more accessible to plug into. If you’re considering a career change or a new place to call home for remote work, read on to learn more about the cultural legacy of Memphis. 

Legendary music scene

As you may have heard, Memphis changed the way the world listened to music, and no discussion about Memphis would be complete without noting the legendary and iconic music scene. You’ve heard about the music giants, like Elvis, BB King, and Otis Redding, but what you may not have heard is that Memphis remains a hub for artists today. From Justin Timberlake to the slew of artists that perform around the city every day, Memphis has a music scene that rivals big cities coast to coast. Pop into any given bar on any given night of the week and you’re bound to hear world-class music. That’s what attracts artists from all over the world to record and perform in Memphis, like Bruno Mars, who recorded and filmed his hit “Uptown Funk” right here in Memphis. And while music may seem like something you can find in any city, it’s deeply ingrained into the culture and celebrated by the people here. If your job brings you to Memphis, you can expect a city culture that’s largely centered around music. 

A thriving place for the arts 

Much like the music scene, Memphis is home to a plethora of arts organizations. From street murals and mosaics to the high arts like ballet and theatre, Memphis has year-round access to some of the best and most diverse artists in the country. And unlike other cities, there’s not an air of pretentiousness surrounding the arts here. In Memphis, you can bring your questions and curiosity to explore the arts among likeminded individuals ready and waiting to welcome you into the fold. From museums to the performing arts to galleries and exhibits, there’s always something new to see and experience in the arts in Memphis. It’s what makes Memphis such a sought-after place for careers in the arts – here, you can make a living while pursuing your passion. 

Unparalleled food scene 

Some say it’s the food that defines cities, and we’d have to agree. In Memphis, food is more than just something you eat; it’s a bridge to different communities and cultures and a powerful storytelling tool. From nationally recognized food events, like the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest, to historic cultural institutions dating back to the civil rights movement, like the Four Way, Memphis food always tells a story. With James Beard Award-nominated chefs, there’s no shortage of high-end dining either. And for every restaurant that exists in Memphis, there are dozens of foodies ready to become your brunch buddy. Forget boring salads and sad sandwiches – do your networking and bond with your coworkers over some of the best food in the world.

Memphis: the home of soulful living 

Whether it’s the arts that inspire us or the food that fills us, the cultural amenities will leave you wanting to discover more as you get to know the city. But above all the history, entertainment, and cultural institutions that exist here, it’s how the people bring those things to life that makes Memphis special. Memphis is the home of soulful living, where balance between work and play thrives and put their soul into how they experience the city every day. Wondering what it’s like to bring your soul to your own passions and be inspired every day? Look no further, Memphis is the home for you. 

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