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Memphis is home to some of the biggest and most influential companies in the world, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for the little guy. Ultimately, that up-and-comer may become the next big employer that Memphians can be proud of. The best way to make your mark is to get your name out there, and that’s where networking events in Memphis become critical to moving our economy forward.

The number of startups in Memphis at any given time may surprise you. In light of that number, there is a wide selection of local career and business meetups that are perfect for professionals in many different types of business.

Real Estate

If you’re trying to make your mark on the real estate market in Memphis, why not get your name out there by attending meetups? After all, the Memphis market has been trending up, thanks in no small part to the great vibe our city offers. 

The thriving real estate market has brought together a number of people in the industry at meetups. For instance, the 901 Real Estate Investors meetup has over 600 members who get together to share local knowledge. Attendees have a millionaire mindset and the drive to get to the top—and best of all, it’s a free meetup group.


Businesspeople in other sectors who are trying to get their brands off the ground may find inspiration at groups like the Startup Grind Memphis meetup. Founders, influencers and other entrepreneurial veterans make connections here, inspiring the next wave of Memphis startups. The Memphis chapter is one of 300 associated Startup Grind groups worldwide and gets support from Google for Entrepreneurs.

Alternatively, Startup and Grow is a meetup group for those looking to grow their business. Networking at this group’s monthly meetings can give you strategies and tactics from those who have come up through the Memphis startup ranks, as well as the inspiration to keep pushing.

Women of Memphis

Female business owners in Memphis have their own thing, and they can find support through a couple of different networking groups.

For instance, Jobs Hatchery Women takes a three-pronged approach to helping female business owners of Memphis thrive. Building faith, clarifying vision and managing cash flow are the driving forces behind this group, which shares ideas and resources to strengthen members and their businesses.

The Founding Moms Exchange is another networking group dedicated to women in Memphis. The best part? You don’t need to be a business owner to take part. Developing your own network of Memphis moms is at the forefront, along with talking about families.

Other significant Startups

While many of the business networking groups and meetups in Memphis are geared toward those actively building a future for the community, some are simply dedicated to helping people get a foot in the door.

The Memphis Job Search Support group is one such collective, with a focus on helping its members change their employment status. Share job search strategies and get support from fellow Memphians in the same boat.

In addition, why not polish up those public speaking skills with the Memphis Toastmasters Meetup? Here, members learn to deliver powerful, persuasive speeches while networking with like-minded individuals throughout Memphis.

Find the complete meetup calendar on the Memphis meetup page.

Career and business meetups in Memphis

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