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Entrepreneurship is a core component of the American dream. Here in Memphis, the spirit of entrepreneurship has spilled into Memphis, where a strong entrepreneurial culture is brewing across different sectors of the economy.

In addition to Memphis’s popular Beale Street and BBQ locations, this constant growth is also being felt in other areas, including technology, the arts, agriculture and food services. It helps that Memphis is uniquely placed to offer a low cost of living, a taste of Southern hospitality and a good quality of life.

Entrepreneurs in action

To learn about the history of local entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds, look no further than the National Civil Rights Museum, which details the struggles and triumphs of African Americans in both the country and our city. Indeed, the entrepreneurial spirit of Memphis is closely intertwined with this history, with a strong sense of community and an understanding of the past, present and future of the city.

If you’re looking for both a tasty meal and a quick history lesson, start off at the Four Way Restaurant in South Memphis. This flourishing establishment has served iconic leaders and musicians, like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., B.B. King, and many others.

Entrepreneurs in the arts

Memphis has long been known for its strong artistic culture, so it’s no surprise that entrepreneurs in the arts are thriving in these parts. Their success can be seen everywhere from theaters and ballet companies to museums and private exhibitions.

Ballet Memphis serves as just one example. Founded by fourth generation Memphian Dorothy Gunther Pugh, it’s embedded with richly symbolic art and has made ballet available to a larger portion of the population. The Hattiloo Theatre in Memphis is another popular art center that combines actors and the community through rich and meaningful performances.

Entrepreneurs in food and service delivery

The food scene in Memphis is poised for explosion. Beyond offering the classic BBQ selections that Memphis is known for, entrepreneurs have opened businesses that offer everything from traditional American cuisine to a taste of global flavors. Whether you’re seeking Italian wine and bites or fusion food trucks, you needn’t leave Memphis!

For a taste of Southern excellence, try out the New Orleans-infused Second Line Restaurant, and don’t sleep on Memphis Black Restaurant Week—an annual event that highlights the creative flavor of African American Memphis restauranteurs.

Entrepreneurs in Memphis

Our city’s unique location makes it both a commercial and financial hub, which is ideal for entrepreneurs looking to start or grow businesses of all kinds. If that sounds good to you, why not hop on the bandwagon and take advantage of our city’s booming economy to bring your business to life?

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In addition to being a hub of entertainment for locals and tourists alike, the city of Memphis is home to a flourishing business community. There are numerous entrepreneurial opportunities to be found here, including but by no means limited to the areas of music and the arts, food and dining, and professional services.

Music and the arts

It’s hard not to associate Memphis with Elvis Presley, but our city’s music scene extends far beyond The King. For an up-close-and-personal glimpse at just how central live music is to the daily lives of many in Memphis, look no further than the bars and restaurants on Beale Street and elsewhere—not to mention the music festivals held in these parts throughout the year.

Not to be outdone, the Memphis art sector is also expanding, with galleries popping up across the city. In fact, Shelby County’s nonprofit arts industry accounts for nearly $200 million in annual spending and sustains the equivalent of more than 6,000 local jobs. The arts are more than just a hobby or attraction here in Memphis – it’s a creative economy.

Food and dining

Memphis is known far and wide for its BBQ, but make no mistake—our city’s culinary offerings aren’t at all limited to deliciously seasoned ribs. In fact, the restaurants and eateries around here offer a wide variety of cuisines, each more mouthwatering than the last. Whether you’re looking to drop by a food truck for a quick yet satisfying bite or enjoy a sit-down meal prepared by an award-winning chef at a high-end restaurant, Memphis has you covered.

Professional services

A growing city like Memphis doesn’t simply run on autopilot. Rather, it’s the hustle of the locals that keeps things chugging along smoothly across a wide variety of fields, including accounting, legal assistance, printing, construction, teaching, cleaning, landscaping… the list goes on.

Memphis is always growing, which makes it the ideal place to launch a startup company. Whatever your area of expertise may be, our city will welcome your entrepreneurial spirit.

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