Address: 1350 Concourse Ave, 2nd Floor, Memphis, TN 38104


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The Green Room offers flexible, acoustically treated space where high-quality music performances are showcased using state-of-the-art audio/visual equipment but without the typical distractions to the listening experience that accompany a bar or restaurant.
Located in the most historic section of Crosstown Concourse, and surrounded by other amenities of Crosstown Arts, such as a bar, cafe, and galleries, The Green Room is committed to providing the best possible environment for the two most important components of a musical performance – the artist’s work and the audience’s listening experience.

Whether big band, jazz shows, hip-hop, singer-songwriter, or spoken word, The Green Room’s space, stage, and audio/visual equipment can be reconfigured to create a unique, high quality and intimate artistic exchange.

The Green Room Specifications

Capacity: 150 seated/200 standing

Recent The Green Room Artists

  • Orrin Evans Trio
  • D'Monet
  • Marc Ribot
  • Julian Lage
  • Streeter and The Tribe
  • ICEBERG New Music
  • John Raymond and Real Feels
  • Don Bryant and The BoKeys

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